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Revitalize You


Revitalize You was established in 2011 to assist individuals in improving their over all health. In 2014, Revitalize You opened it's doors as a full wellness center in the heart of Tempe, providing practitioners with a beautiful place to heal their clients and a teaching room for all to come and educate the World on wellness. 

Revitalize You no longer has a store front, which enables Revitalize You to educate and contribute the to healing of the World through the internet and/or on an individual in-person basis. At Revitalize You are we committed to helping you and and your family become the best version of yourSELF, by assisting you in your health journey, all in balance, 


We are honored that you have chosen Revitalize You to assist in your healing.

Jody Loren - Holistic Lifestyle Coach/Nutritional Coach/ Certified Life Coach/Yoga Instructor


 Welcome to Revitalize You. I'm Jody Loren. I am a holistic lifestyle coach, nutritionist, certified yoga instructor, certified life coach, organic foodie, lover of life and the queen of manifestation. 

I believe in "Creating Infinite Possibilities".

I love helping people reach their fullest potential in life.  I am definitely a problem solver. I am here to help you identify where things are in-congruent in your life and help you find creative solutions to these challenges and keep you motivated and focused to make the changes you wish to see and live the life you are meant to live. You will bring the open mind and willingness to take responsibility for yourself and your life. I will bring my expertise and experience, the freest perspective and the motivation to get you where you want to be. I understand that you are not living your best life unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why I take a holistic approach to preventing disease and ailment within the human body. 

You "are" worth being your healthiest SELF. 

Joyce Bermudez - Nutritional Herbal Consultant


Welcome to our healthy way of living. 

I have  been in the alternative medicine industry for over 40 years and have loved every minute of my time in this amazing industry. 

I have had the opportunity to assist thousands of individuals with their healthcare during my 40 years. I have enjoyed the privilege of visiting numerous manufacturing facilities of most vitamin and herbal supplements, obtaining knowledge directly from the producers themselves, research professionals. Quality and correct doses used in reputable research can change lives. I have enjoyed my studies/certifications with the American Botanical Council, Dr. John Christopher Herbal Medicine training, Nature's Way Herbal training program, Enzymatic Therapy training program, Bioron Homepathic training and many other vitamin training programs. 

Life applications for these 40 years are the testament of the benefits from our plant, "Trusting in the Power of Nature".

I have been blessed to know the thousands of people and share in their healing journeys.